Energy (electric, thermic, cooling) is both a request and a necessity for all industrial and non-industrial fields.

EnerMAC S.r.l. operates in this context with diverse types of Clients: from civil district heating to the plastics industry, from textile to the recycling and fusion of metal.

Interventions are always planned and agreed upon with Clients, in order to meet the needs and find the best solutions.

Strategies EnerMAC S.r.l. may adopt are usually focused either on the intervention on existing plants (optimisation, revamping, rationalisation, etc.) or on the installation of new systems, partly or totally replacing old less effective/efficient solutions.

Environmental respect, pollutant emissions control and energy efficiency represent the starting point for EnerMAC S.r.l., whose structure is capable of following every aspect of a project (from the initial concept to the commissioning and start-up), by offering specific packages (preliminary engineering, taking care of administrative procedures, mechanical and/or electrical detail, etc.), in accordance with the Client’s needs. Thanks to collaborations with high-level academic and professional institutes (E.S.Co. in particular), EnerMAC S.r.l. successfully operates in the field of energy recovery and energy production from both traditional and renewable sources, industrial and civil installations (e.g. district heating), and high-efficiency cogeneration, thus offering the possibility of accessing the mechanism of TEE (“Titoli di Efficienza Energetica” or White certificates, Italian for “Energy Efficiency Certificates” or EEC).